Thursday, March 29, 2012

Articles about 240sweet

We have been very fortunate to be included in some wonderful media. Here are some of our favorites.

O, the Oprah Magazine
This April 2012 issue's feature on "Marshmallow Mania" suggests to try our "creative" and delicious  Salty Caramel Swirl puffs. Order them here.

Daily Candy
This trend-setting daily email notes that "Chef Alexa Lemley uses Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose, and Indiana cornstarch in place of distasteful stabilizers, resulting in chewy-not-tacky, sweet-not-syrupy delights." Read the rest here.

Serious Eats
"I don't believe I've ever seen one company make so many flavors of marshmallows, and in this case, it's an amazing, awesome thing. 240sweet is based in Columbus, Indiana where catering company partners Alexa and Samantha concocted these marshmallows for their customers," says Kathy YL Chan. Read the entire "Sweet Finds" post.

Tasting Table
This daily email exhorts readers to use our items to "Spike your cookies with barrel aged sugar and vanilla." Learn more here.

This website includes a weekly list of New Year's resolutions. For week #3, is says to "Invest in a bag of impressive marshmallows. These light, sugary confections are one place where you can really distinguish yourself as a thoughtful and fun host, mostly because nobody thinks about them. The next time you invite a possible friend-to-be over for a coffee (or hot cocoa), turn her beverage heaven-flavored, with a chocolate chip, maple and brown sugar, or white chocolate cranberry cube of melted fluff." Check out all of the resolutions here.

Martha Stewart Weddings
"Love it!"  Read the rest of the article here. 

"2011 Red Hot Entrepreneurs"

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