Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shipping and Handling Rates

We are glad that you want to make sure to have the best shipping value!

Below, please find our rates for shipping and handling in the USA. International rates vary according to the country. These rates are for orders placed through

USA Rates (including Hawaii and Alaska) for 240sweet items.

We use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping. We determine what size box to use based upon the items in your order. We call the amount of space in each box a Reptar. One to three Reptars fit into a Small box (6.25 s/h). Four to twenty Reptars fit into a Medium box (12.00 s/h). Twenty-one to thirty Reptars fit into a Large box (16.00 s/h).
Here's a quick breakdown of products:
1 Reptar
Treat Bags
Hot Chocolate Mix
3 Reptars
Jumbo Packs
Petite Puffs
Tee Shirts
Artisan Assortment bundle
Dessert Puffs bundle
Exotic Puffs bundle
Halftime Pack bundle
Holiday Gift Set bundle
Popular Puffs bundle
Marshmallow of the Month Club Sampler
Warm and Cozy bundle
Warm Hug bundle
4 Reptars
9 Reptars
Hurts So Good bundle
Glamping Pack bundle
Neapolitan Collection bundle
Too Sweet Gift Set bundle
11 Reptars
Cup of Classics bundle

12 Reptars
Sugar High bundle

15 Reptars
Vanilla Mania bundle

20 Reptars
240sweet Sampler bundle
Variety Box bundle
30 Reptars
Favor Packs cases
Shipping and handling rates subject to change without notice.

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  1. Thanks for that information--I had been looking for it on your website. What are your typical shipping times? I'd like to order gifts for the holidays and need to know approximately when to order for the gifts to arrive at the appropriate time.


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