Friday, May 10, 2013

Enter our Flat Alexa contest!

Enter our Flat Alexa Contest!

Chef Alexa of 240sweet fame got flattened by our monster marshmallow mixer during the move! We know she'll puff back up soon, but right now she wants to take the summer off and visit all the 240sweet fans around the world!

Download your own Flat Alexa and take her on an adventure with you. Snap some creative photos and submit them to the contest! Winners will be chosen based on votes, creativity, and whimsy.

First prize is a free 12-month subscription to the Marshmallow of the Month Club! Second prize is a 6-month subscription to the MoMC and third prize is a 3-month subscription. Random prizes will be given just for participating, so anyone can win!

Enter by August 2, 2013 for your chance to fabulous prizes!


  1. Really cool idea! You've gotta travel when you can!

    I'm glad Chef Alex came to visit us down here in Homestead, FL -

  2. So when do you announce the winner? :)


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