Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5th Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale

Save on fun and fantastic favor packs of puffs

Order your vouchers now to redeem them anytime in 2014

Our 5th Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale is now!
Extended through March 14.

How does it work?
You save 50% now on your pre-order of Favor Packs in our Half Price Favor Packs Special. When you are ready, redeem the voucher code(s) to have your order shipped. You'll just need to take care of the shipping/handling at that time.  Click here to order your voucher code(s) for the 5th Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale. Regularly, they are 120.00 each. During the sale, they are 60.00 each. 

How big are the puffs and the package? 

This sized. Okay...You might want a little more information than that. There are 10 one-inchish marshmallows in each Favor Pack. The bag is about seven inches tall and about three inches wide. They fit in standard coffee mugs (Hint, hint for those holiday gifts with your branding). 30 Favor Packs come in one case.

Do I need to pick my flavors now?
Not yet. Select them when you are ready to have your puffs shipped. Just order how many cases you would like purchase at half price, now.

What flavors so the Favor Packs come in? 
Currently, we are offering Favor Packs in the following flavors. We may add more. Click through each one for a flavor description. Each case contains 30 bags in one flavor.
Crunchy Cinnamon (formerly called Elephant Ear)
Very Vanilla Bean
Dark Chocolate
Creme Brulee

What if I want a different ribbon color?
We can accommodate requests for substitution of cream or white ribbon. Make sure to call Sam to redeem your voucher, then. We ask for at least one month's notice for ribbon in any color other than our standard purple. One color of ribbon for each order.

Can you put my name/business/party date on the label?
That service is not included with this special offer. However, you are welcome to design and print a sticker to put on yourself. Avery.com has some nice templates.

What is the shipping/handling?
Currently, shipping/handling for each case of Favor Packs is 17.00 in the United States. This may change without notice. You can also choose to pick them up from our commissary in Columbus, Indiana and not pay shipping/handling. International shipping is available and can be calculated based upon the destination. These are the three reasons why you don't have to pay shipping/handling now.

How long does the 5th Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale last?
Extended through March 14. Again, you can redeem your voucher code(s) anytime in 2014.

What happened to the Annual Wedding Favor Sale?
We used to call it the Wedding Favor Sale. Then, people started pre-ordering for their picnics, Easter baskets, Christmas gifts, Halloween treats, and more. Who were we to argue with such great planning and saving? We changed the name this year to the Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale.

What if I have more questions? 
Call Sam at 812.372.9898. She is glad to help. If you want, she'll even take your order by phone. Or send her an email to Sam@240sweet.com.

Click here to order your Favor Packs during the 5th Annual Marshmallow Favors Sale. 

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