Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet Us: The Mother- Christine Lemley

Like every wonderful idea or creation, it all starts somewhere. With Christine being Chef Alexa's mother, 240sweet wouldn't be possible without her. Inquisitive, devoted, and bursting at the seams with knowledge, she makes a large impact here at 240sweet. She is The Mother, and she makes 240sweet that much sweeter. She helps anyway she can here at the marshmallow studio. You may see her bouncing ideas around with her family, or toasting marshmallows for you to try at an event.

Her most favorite things include cycling, reading, cooking, enjoying fine dining, and even wine and spirits tastings. She's full of life and so is her free time.
She's busy toasting marshmallows, but not too busy to taste them. Her favorite 240sweet flavor is Churro- which of course is a wonderful choice.

Here she can be seen with her husband Max Lemley, carving the turkey on Thanksgiving.  A Rockwell Painting perfect picture.

If Christine were to choose a super power, she'd choose  to be able to "make connection to the collective consciousness on a regular basis." Most people choose x-ray vision or super speed, but the mother isn't "most people."

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