Friday, March 27, 2015

Meet Us: The Little Kitty

Meet Us:
The Little Kitty

Last November, we welcomed a new team member, the Little Kitty. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, this Ragdoll kitten joined Chef Alexa, Sam, and their other fur children in Columbus, Indiana. He quickly became a favorite member of our 240sweet Artisan Foodworks team and was designated the Chief Purrfection Officer (CPO). 

When the Little Kitty isn't supervising our office activities, he can be found traveling the United States. He loves to ride in the car wearing stylish outfits and meeting people. New friends often remark about how sweet and adorable he is--often they are amazed to see the Little Kitty purring his way through social and work obligations with ease and charm. We doubt there has ever been a better CPO.  

A big fan of shellfish, the Little Kitty loves Chef Alexa's lobster rolls and shrimp dishes. For relaxation and fun, he enjoys playing games on the iPad, swatting at the Turbo Go Round, and frolicking with his adopted animal brothers and sisters.

The Little Kitty celebrates spring with one of his favorite toys. 

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