Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July 2015: Chef Alexa and Sam wish for a concession trailer


Chef Alexa and Sam's big gift for this year is a concession trailer to come see you. That way, we can delight you and new friends with gourmet s'mores and frozen hot chocolate. As you may know, the weather in the summer can be too hot for us to do outdoor festivals selling bags of marshmallows. The puffs we work so hard to make melt in the sun and heat. With an air-conditioned concession trailer, we can venture out across the country to share the marshmallow love.
 We estimate that a vintage trailer with updated safety and kitchen equipment (and a sassy wrap) will cost $10,000. Please help us live our dream of year-round marshmallow glory.
Order a Christmas in July voucher by July 5 and receive a bonus "Get Toasted" tee shirt as modeled by Chef Alexa in the above picture.
Christmas already?
Yes, it is that time of year...for our 5th annual Christmas in July fund-raiser. Thank you to everyone who has invested in us over the years. Did you know that we have built 240sweet without taking out hefty high-interest loans? 
What is Christmas in July? 
Each year, we hold this fund-raiser to make improvements to our operations. You "invest" in us this month by purchasing vouchers in varying increments. In November and December, those vouchers are worth double the amount that you "loan" to us. We use your investment to grow. It is like Christmas for us--and you save on wonderful, handmade gifts for your clients, family, and friends. Just remember how you felt when you first tasted our puffs--Share that feeling and impress everyone on your holiday list.

What do you do with the money? 
You helped us procure new display racks, decor, and signage for expo sales. We also purchased new computers and food photography. Chef Alexa and crew appreciate the new marshmallow cutting knife and thermometers.We did this all with investments from people like you.

Please help us grow with your investment of $25 or more. 

Every couple of days, watch for updates on this year's wish list for Santa from our great 240sweet crew.
How do I participate? 
It is easy! Click here to order vouchers amount from our webstore or by calling Sam at 812.372.9898.

A few things that you should know: 
1. You can use your Christmas in July voucher(s) online, at our 240sweet Artisan Foodworks Studio, and at events where we have a booth such as the Bizarre Bazaar.
2. Vouchers are not valid for purchases from retailers. 
3. A voucher must be used in one transaction. Call our office if you want to send items to multiple addresses.
4. We are a small, small business--so the Christmas in July vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts or sales. Thank you for understanding. 
5. If you choose, you may use your voucher(s) in any month that you like. However, it is worth double the purchase price in November and December 2015 (and worth what you spend now in all other months). 
6. We do not provide change and/or cash back from vouchers.
7. Also, no discount/promo codes can be used to purchase Christmas in July vouchers. 
8. Your order number is your voucher code. 

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