Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Share the love this holiday season by investing in us this month

Receive a 100% return when you help our business grow

Christmas already?

Yes, it is that time of year...for our 4th annual Christmas in July fund-raiser. Thank you to everyone who has invested in us over the years. Because of you, we have been able to build 240sweet without outside investors or loans with high interest rates. Last year, we were able to purchase a new office printer, buy a purple bus, and plan our move to a space that is 3 times larger because of you.

What is Christmas in July?
Each year, we hold this fund-raiser to make improvements to our operations. You invest in us this month by purchasing vouchers in varying increments. In November and December, those vouchers are worth double the amount that you "loan" to us. We use your investment to grow. It is like Christmas for us--and you save on wonderful, handmade gifts for your clients, family, and friends.

How do I participate?
It is easy! Just order vouchers amount from our webstore or by calling Sam at 812.372.9898.

Our Christmas in July Wish List
We asked our 240sweet crew what they would like...


Becca wants wire shelving units

When Sam and Chef Alexa go out of town to push puffs, they take the wire racks from our 240sweet Studio. If we had a couple more, we could put out all of the marshmallows at one time, even when they are gone.
Estimated cost: 100.00 each

Paul would really appreciate having a QuickBooks register and bar code printer

As the Business Manager, it is my job to keep things running smoothly. It would be great for customer service if we didn't have to go to the office to run someone's credit card when they come in to buy marshmallows. And with the new items from other artisans being available, a bar code printer will help us keep track of everything.
Estimated cost: 900.00

Wan dreams of an on-demand label printer

I wish for a top-notch label printer! Currently, we use a document printer to make all of the labels. A new printer would speed up our production and allow us to make better labels.
Estimated cost: 3000.00

Joseph requests new purple chef's coats

The rest of the staff and I would feel especially sharp and cut marshmallows faster in matching purple chef's coats
Estimated cost: 40.00 each

Chef Alexa needs a good candy thermometer

Aack! I killed yet another candy thermometer last night! We had to stop production to go out and buy one. I wish I just had a good digital one.
Estimated cost: 50.00

And the list goes on...So please help us improve our services to you!

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