Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meet Us: Max Lemley

Meet Us
Max Lemley

Before Chef Alexa and Sam were the third generation to operate the family business, Chef Alexa's dad, Max and his wife Christine were the second generation. Since 1968, he has served innumerable people his delicious foods through Lemleys' Catering. While Chef Alexa and Sam were growing up, he taught them the importance of customer service and real food. He can still be found dropping in to make sure that we are all doing our best and chatting with visitors.

Now, Max owns and operates a spice and gourmet food business that does private labeling. We bet that you have enjoyed his recipes (but we can't tell you what brands are his creation)! All of our  spices are from Max. 

In his spare time, Max is involved in community activities. He is an active member of the Mayor's Recycling Task Force, Sierra Club, Columbus Co-Operative Grocery, and many other groups. He is a past president of the Indiana Restaurant Association and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. 

Did you know that Chef Alexa has a sister? Max's oldest daughter lives in New York and travels the world with her own show, Burlesque to Broadway

Last month, Max fell while helping us install the walk-in cooler at our new place. He broke his elbow and hip. He didn't expect to celebrate his 79th birthday in the hospital. We are thrilled to report that he is home from the hospital and has been exceeding his doctors' expectations for recovery.  Max has even decreed that September 26 will be Elbow Appreciation Day and has been organizing a special day at the Artisan Foodworks Market

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