Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chef Alexa introduces her new puff size


The perfect puff size is here!

You don't have to cut your 240sweet puffs up any more. For seven years, Chef Alexa has been experimenting with size to present you with the perfect puff. Our marshmallows are now all 1 1/8 inches by 1 1/8 inches.

Why? We have found that this is the perfect size for making s'mores and for popping in your mouth. One inch was just a little bit too small and 1 1/4 inches was just a little bit too big.

All marshmallows are still hand-cut for perfection. So that we can keep our all-natural recipe, 240sweet puffs are not cut with a machine or extruded.

What's next? Later this year, we hope to unveil new packaging and some other great things. We estimate that the bags will require a $7000 investment to design and make. We'll still use only Made in America packaging. As that is a lot of money for our small company, we have to wait until you support us with Christmas in July. Check out what we did with last year's investments. We appreciate your help in our growth.

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