Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mary Willey: Wishes for new shelving and display items for pushing puffs

Meet Us
Mary Willey

Full-time, Mary is a Special Education Paraprofessional in Early Childhood. Almost every week, you can find her volunteering at the Fishers food pantry. She regularly enjoys swimming, biking, walking, and gardening. This June, her two eldest sons were married. Their rehearsal dinners were in Mary's beautiful back yard, decorated with bright flowers, over 25 varieties of hosta, and her handmade mosaics. When the youngest son is married, we're pretty sure his dinner will be there, too.

Since the beginning, Mary has been an important part of the 240sweet team. She lost count a long time ago of how many early mornings she waited for her sister Sam to pick her up to go to farmers' markets and shows. Mary also uses her creativity to create new dishes with 240sweet puffs. Her S'mores Quesadilla is our favorite. Read the recipe here. Did you know that the Salty Caramel Swirl puffs were originally created as a Christmas gift for her? We bet you're glad she loves fleur de sel caramels.

Christmas in July Wish List Item

"One of the highlights of doing events like the Junior League and artisan marketplaces is seeing all of the creativity of the displays the vendors have. I would love a professional display for 240sweet that showcases our great products!" says Mary. With her enthusiasm, it is hard for anyone to turn down a sample. Mary continues to say, "More people would stop to try puffs if they were welcomed into a professional display."

We agree. Would you have stopped to try a world-class marshmallow if not for the exuberance of the people offering samples? We need a display that communicates how addictively delicious 240sweet puffs are. Click here to help us grow.

Professional booth display
With a professional booth display, we will communicate to people how special our 240sweet puffs are. Can you see the giant pictures of our puffs on the backdrop? We also need some new shelves and carpeting to make a booth that will pop.
Estimate cost: $2000

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