Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sara Dunlap: Wants new packaging for Christmas in July

Meet Us
Sara Dunlap

For just over a year, the fabulous Sara Dunlap has worked with 240sweet. She comes in with a "let's have fun and get this done" attitude. Sara says that her masters degree in education keeps her ready for anything we throw at her--from tying bows for hours to toasting marshmallows at an event. 

To challenge herself, Sara competes in triathlons. For entertainment, she enjoys watching funny movies and playing pretend with her two children. Her favorite marshmallow is Roasted Coconut. We're pretty proud of Sara for recently obtaining her real estate license, so that she can help people find their "forever home." Check out her business Facebook page here.

Christmas in July Wish List Item
To improve her job, Sara requests new packaging. While she is glad to tie the bows, she says, "It is difficult to always get them on there nicely. The plastic slides around and the labels aren't always in the same place." Pre-printed packaging designed to have a bow will help her be more efficient and consistent in excellence.

We agree. Sam priced out custom packaging options that will keep our puffs fresh, accommodate our unique style, and will be made in the USA. The cost for this is estimated at $6000 (including design and first order minimum). That's an almost impossible chunk of cash for us to lay out at one time. We hope that you will help us with this, the biggest item on our wish list. Click here to help us with new packaging. 

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